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Copy and Content


Copywriting helps businesses communicate and engage with existing and potential customers. By writing compelling and well-crafted copy, I’ve helped countless companies to build trust and credibility with customers and help drive people to online stores, converting website visitors into paying customers. I have over five years of copywriting experience writing in various tones of voice for dozens of diverse companies.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO copywriting is a cost-effective method of bringing more traffic to your website. It can even save you the trouble and cost of online and conventional advertising.
Throughout my career, I’ve helped dozens of companies gain greater online visibility by researching and implementing appropriate keywords in high-quality content, resulting in higher brand awareness and website legitimacy. Select the click here button and check out the SEO writing I’ve done for



While managing online stores, I increased website traffic by writing newsletters filled with entertaining, relevant, and valuable content. High-quality content helps organisations develop a stronger bond with their customers, which drives more sales and keeps customers subscribed and happy to receive newsletters. As well as offering customers deals, newsletters should also be an entertaining read.

Landing Pages

A website landing page should engage visitors and quickly lead them through the conversion path. When a website landing page includes specific offers and calls to action, website visitors are more likely to become paying customers. Select the click here button and check out the landing page I wrote for one of my clients, Tekla.

Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions that turn online store visitors into customers requires a copywriter to truly understand a company’s target audience, consider their customer’s needs, and use persuasive and positive language. Online shoppers want a straightforward, stress-free purchasing experience, so adding call-to-action phrases such as “Get yours today” or “Shop now” is a good idea. Click the button below to view the solutions pages I wrote for my client, Tekla.


Press Releases

Press releases are more important now than ever. According to Meltwater, when trust in many media outlets decreases, press releases remain the most trustworthy media content. 42% of respondents to a Cision survey say they trust press releases more than spokespeople and company websites. Journalists are busy, so a press release should be concise and scannable yet filled with valuable information. 

Social Media

Social media helps businesses connect with existing and potential customers and enables them to advertise their services and products for free. But building a strong social media presence is no small task. It requires planning, developing helpful content, and maintaining a dialogue with customers. I have experience managing one of Finland’s biggest social media pages, Very Finnish Problems, so I have the required skills to spread and maintain brand awareness and lead customers to online stores with entertaining and informative content.


Copy Editing

I have expertise in reviewing, correcting, and adding to copy for dozens of brands to improve accuracy and readability and make everything from articles to press releases and web pages more compelling and exciting for B2C and B2B customers.


Even the best writers make mistakes. In the New York Times, one of the most respected publications, you can sometimes find dozens of typos daily. After writing a long article, copywriters and journalists can sometimes miss typos and grammatical mistakes that catch a reader’s eye. As a proofreader, I use a three-pronged approach to seeing errors. I read the document on paper, on a digital screen, and then use text-to-speech to hear mistakes my eyes might miss.  

Film, TV and multimedia


Podcasting can help businesses reach new customers, build relationships with existing customers, and position themselves as thought leaders. They are an entertaining and fun way for businesses to make a deeper connection with their target audience by providing an interactive platform for customers to share their feedback and ideas.

But creating a successful podcast is a large task and requires you to book guests, research, write insightful questions, edit with specialized software, and promote on social media. I’m experienced in every aspect of podcasting, from booking guests to hosting and editing.